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Find out more about Disco Duck: the ultimate pre-school dance experience!

About Disco Duck

Disco Duck, the ultimate pre-school dance experience, written and created by ISTD Fellow and Examiner Amanda Hughes.

The benefits of Dance for Young Children are immense, writes Amanda Hughes to teach Children to Dance and discover the joy it brings is a real privilege! The list of qualities are endless:

Increased self esteem, co-ordination, balance and poise, concentration and the most important a real sense of fun!

Disco Duck has been created for these very things, watching young children come alive as music plays and the natural rhythm they seem to possess has to be developed.

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Unlike other programmes for Pre-Schoolers Disco Duck has been created and lovingly put together from many years of Dance Teaching Experience.


Our fun and funky award-winning music has been designed to engage Pre-school children and to encourage a love of dance and fitness.

Lovingly written to develop the foundations of dance such as: rhythm and timing, balance, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, locomotive and non-locomotive actions; supporting the Early Years Foundation Stages, but most important of all, it is fun!

The Founder

Disco Duck was founded in 2009 by Amanda Hughes. Amanda, a professional dancer, has been operating ‘Dance-Beat’ for over 20 years.

Her work includes many choreography projects and syllabus creation. She has choreographed shows, worked with well known celebrities and learnt the most important thing of all - how to communicate effectively with others, which has been the most useful thing of all as a teacher.

Amanda also writes on child fitness for Mothercare:and contributes regularly in magazines and newspapers, including, The Guardian, Prima Baby and Practical Parenting Magazine to name but a few.

Amanda Hughes

Amanda Hughes


Amanda is a Fellow and Examiner with the ISTD and founder of Hertfordshire’s largest Dance Studio.

Currently Head of Faculty Development for the ISTD, creating syllabi, and is a well-known lecturer and choreographer.

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